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After returning to Vancouver, from Australia, I answered a Craigslist posting from Ryan for a PHP job (Yes, I do like Do you like php(iña) coladas).

It was an interesting time as digital media companies often took the role as product developers for other startups to build the MVP. I was lucky enough to get experience with LAMP development, and I was often ‘The Drupal Guy’. Drupal is similar to WordPress, but more focused on CMS and often had no-code elements before no-code was a thing.

The team atmosphere was fantastic. No egos, no politics. Just a bunch of people who really enjoyed technology.

I was able to watch HootSuite being built and launched, which was unreal. Usually those high-growth stories exist only in movies, but HootSuite was able to lift-off. I’ll be looking to write more about this later.

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