This deserves a longer post, as it’s been around for 18(!) years, and it’s still kicking around in legacy mode.

BCForSaleByOwner was my testing ground for everything;

  • Final project for the computer trade school (PHP and Web Design)
  • Running my first Adwords Campaigns (for 2 cents a click)
  • Marketing & Business Plans in College
  • Accepting payments (at 9% – ouch!)
  • Different business models
  • Multiple designs and rebuilds
  • SEO

I tried holding back messages until people upgraded; This was the way dating websites worked back then. Customer’s didn’t like it.

I tried free trials, low monthly payments, and even tried some partnerships.

It was a good learning project, but the market was one that I couldn’t serve (and were self-selected a price sensitive). It would still be good for a Real Estate agent or low cost MLS provider. Hit me up if you want to make an offer 😄

BC For Sale By Owner

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