GamesDex was an index of Games. Creative naming, eh.

Truly, I was looking to make something using PHP/MySQL and the default example in the book ‘Build Your Own Database Driven Website Using PHP and MySQL’ was a dull joke database. (Books were more practical then trying to read online due to the 30 hours monthly limit from the telephone internet providers)

So, I built GamesDex. Around the same time affiliate programs were popping up. I had learned how to re-write the URLs to be SEO friendly and my first money was made online 🤑

I targeted a game publisher that was handing out generous commissions, and took the top spot for their games: poppit!, sweet tooth, word whomp. Similar to the casual games on smart phones today. I was getting ~$3 USD per signup, which was a heck of a lot for Canadian kid.

I ended up getting enough money for a new camera, a trip to Costa Rica 🌴 ..and some saving money for school.

It got up to 60,000+ users? I think I left it on auto pilot

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