Public Library Teacher


My first real job was a summer program that hired youth to teach the public how to use the internet with 1-1 sessions.

My home town has the unique distinction of having the most seniors in the country (over 52% are over 65). At the time, the internet was still no new and most people didn’t have internet @ home. Older folk especially lacked access so – for some – it was their first time accessing ‘the web’.

I had my general lesson plan; how to use mouse, registering a yahoo mail account, using a search engine. I had one student in her 90s who, bless her heart, didn’t make it through the mouse tutorial. Despite being defeated by drag-and-drop, she was ecstatic and so thankful for the experience 👵 💖

That summer I booked over 200 lessons; Through teaching, I was able to see user how a human truly experiences the internet. And double-clicking should never have been invented.

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